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Apr 07
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Written by Film critic : Matt Willey : Movie Reviews Dvd and Blu-ray Reviews   
Franklyn :: movie review

Franklyn :: movie review

Franklyn is a film with a story that is written about 4 people who live in two parallel worlds, one modern day London and the other is a futurist world that is run on religion. In this parallel world everyone has a different religion, one for every taste (example: the church of the seventh day manicurists), as this world is revealed we meet Jonathan Preest who is a masked vigilante and detective living Meanwhile City, he is chasing the leader of one of the thousands of religions known as The Individual . In London we meet Emilia (Eva Green) who makes art films that include her filming her suicide attempts and Milo (Sam Riley) who is a young man obsessed with a girl he knew in his childhood. Peter (Bernard Hill) is a man of the cloth who is searching for his lost son in London’s seedy underbelly. As we cross between realities and their stories with their seminally unrelated personalities, you can sense that they might very soon all somehow collide. Emilia (Eva Green) character is very strange and dramatic with a strange smile and the use of video monitors as part of her collage thesis was well done and visually exciting. But the truly beautiful part of this film is the sets and computer graphics of the futuristic Meanwhile City. It was like a magnet the way I was pulled in to this part of the movie, there are hundreds of extras and costumes, and weird religious sects. When I learned that this film cost less than half of what it would take to get Hugh Jackman to play the lead, I was shocked.


Franklyn :: movie review

The overall feel and camera angles are really well done and the cinematography as well as the lighting is also superb. I could not believe that this was Gerald McMorrow dictatorial feature debut, and he was also the writer …wow. There are some slow spots in the center of the film that are used to weave the different stories together but with a running time of 95 minutes this should have been the director’s cut. There is something special about this movie, it was so ambitious with is vision that it was shooting for the moon and almost gets there; it gets into the moons obit buts just doesn’t quite land. The scope of what was attempted on such a small budget is truly remarkable and the complexity of the story line was I would guess quite a hurdle, but it does all fall eventually into place. I would expect more from Gerald McMorrow and this is an interesting film and I enjoyed it “bloody good job mate”.

Franklyn :: movie review


Franklyn :: movie review


Directed by Gerald McMorrow
Produced by Jeremy Thomas
Written by Gerald McMorrow
Starring     Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley
Music by     Joby Talbot
Cinematography Ben Davis
Editing by Peter Christelis
Distributed by Contender Films (UK)

type sci-fi , horror, thriller, drama 

 Written by Film critic : Matt Willey : Movie Reviews film and Dvd and Blu-ray Reviews @www.brickthrewglass.com 2009


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