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Written by Film critic : Matt Willey : Movie Reviews Dvd and Blu-ray Reviews   


Movie review : Seven Pounds, Original Movie & DVD review: by Matt Willey film critic for www.brickthrewglass.com


Well this movie caught me off guard, I Was not expecting it to be such a good film. Remember this film was released in 2008 the same year as “Hancock” which I didn’t like at all. So I missed this movie at the theaters and watched it on DVD last night. Will Smith was very believable in this role and was forced to show a broad range of emotions and all were done with intense poise. He wasn’t really known (In my opinion) as a character actor, up till a few years ago, well I think of “4th of July” that was a thriller slash sci-fi movie and ‘Men in black” and so on … In Seven Pounds he deliverers an Oscar worthy performance, I know I say that about every movie and actor I review, but I mean it, it was stunning. READ MORE

3 out of 4 stars Movie review : Seven Pounds , will smith



 new Movie review : Seven Pounds : Original Movie & DVD review: by Matt Willey film critic for www.brickthrewglass.com


You got to see this character think this thing through, and start to feel his personal pain and sense of relief as the process goes ahead. The cinematography was well done and there is some tricky editing to move the story along, but for the most part, it has a good pace. It’s a shame that scripts like this don’t fall off trees, because this movie I think was really Will Smith’s breakout performance. The one thing I did not like was the beginning of this film, it gives away too much, and I wanted to try to figure out the plot all on my own. Rosario Dawson was great too and I cared about the relationship between the two characters and their strange interactions and the whole “what if " thing. I also thought that  Woody Harrelson was great in the supporting role playing a blind, piano playing, vegan, meat salesman.   I’m going to go against everything that I had as a preconceived notion about this movie, and give this film a high rating…


Movie review : will smith stars in Seven Pounds : Original Movie & DVD review: by Matt Willey film critic for www.brickthrewglass.com


The DVD was really well done as far as the inserts and overall artwork, but the DVD cover art sucked, oh well, you push play and it disappears into the machine. Its magic…right?

Movie: Seven Pounds   7 pounds

 Original Movie & DVD review: by Matt Willey film critic for www.brickthrewglass.com

movie review website www.brickthrewglass.com
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