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Written by Film critic : Matt Willey : Movie Reviews Dvd and Blu-ray Reviews   
Duplicity  :: movie review :: film critic matt willey
Duplicity  :: movie review
Well I finally got around to viewing Duplicity, Starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as a team of spies that after a one night stand decide to pull off a big time scam on a couple of warring corporate giants, and as the story flashes back and forth between different times lines we get to see how this story develops. Well that in a nutshell is the best short synopsis I could come up with without giving too much of this story away. The chemistry between Roberts and Owen is there just a little off, maybe I read it wrong, but there are a few times that I was wondering if they were acting or just picking up a pay-check. With that said there seems to be allot of movies these days that are filmed in Europe and this film is no exception. There are some stunning views of Rome and New York as well of some stuff that was film in the Bahamas which add an air of realism to the fact that the characters in this film are both world traveling secret agents. I didn’t like the transitions that are used in this film and the spit screen effects were not needed and distracting. This was one of those movies that probably looked and read so well as a script but come time to visualize it, it ran into problems. There is some awkward dialog but the stars and I mean real movie stars make this film worth watching I think that it could have been better but that’s just me.
2.5 out of 4 stars for 2009 Duplicity  :: movie review
Duplicity  :: movie review Starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen

The music, the cinematography and the overall feel of the film is really good and the acting like I said before is well done. Keep your eyes open and stay alert this film was some twists and turns and is not a simple film, the plot is complex. This is a grown up film and it shows in the use of big scoping shots and the expensive props (like 400 dollars bottles of champagne), and some realistic dialog and spy technology. I put this movie off and now am wondering why, it was really quite good and I left the theater felling like I got my monies worth. This film didn’t do big box office so far, but should be a hit on DVD, and a good film to get into on a comfortable couch and a glass of your favorite wine.

Duplicity  :: movie review Starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen new review

Directed by     Tony Gilroy
Produced by     Laura Bickford, Jennifer Fox, John Gilroy, Kerry Orent
Written by     Tony Gilroy
Starring     Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti
Music by     James Newton Howard
Cinematography     Robert Elswit
Editing by     John Gilroy
Distributed by     Universal Pictures

 Movie review :: Written by Film critic : Matt Willey : Movie Reviews Dvd and Blu-ray Reviews 2009

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