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Brick threw glass is a Movie review website. Brick threw glass is a metaphor I made up for film, the BRICK is the anamorphic shot blocking, and GLASS is the camera lens , the word THREW is a play on words, should have been thru but, I used the words THREW. This website reviews and critics films in a different way,using humor it also tries to interject some of my technical knowledge of how films are created and made into the process.


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OK “We don’t do spoilers”; it’s my policy to be very vague about the story lines of the films I review here. I have always hated reading movie reviews that tell to much about a film. Entering a theater already having preconceived notions about the plot and / or the outcome of the film in the past have ruined the viewing experience for me,so this is why  these reviews are written this way . More info about our NO Spoiler Movie Review!

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This is how this movie review website works; we have a 4 star movie review rating system for films and DVDs and BLU-ray disks with 4 out of 4 stars the best and one stars being really bad. We have added the 3.5 and 2.5 into our movie review ratings to make this website a little deeper and Adding to the the readers enjoyment ... More about our  4 STAR MOVIE REVIEW SYSTEM


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