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 pictured: Jeremy Renner in the HURT LOCKER 2009 film

The Hurt Locker :  movie review 2009
 The Hurt Locker starts out with a crew of the U.S. army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal  (EOD) in a cleared out street in Iraq using a robot to try to see into what looks like a pile of rubble , but is really a Road side bomb. The tension mounts as they prepare to defuse it and we get to see a side of war not ever seem by most military, yet alone the general public. This is a dangerous job defusing bombs while in unfriendly territory and not knowing who the enemy is or if the people who made the actual bomb are watching really to make it explode.

Jeremy Renner who plays Staff Sergeant William James  trained with the actual Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit to add a sense of reality to the role. The dialog in this film is very, I would imagine very, realistic and added greatly to the films story and writer Mark Boal I do expect tt br nominated for some awards at year’s end. I thought this was going to be just another war movie, but it’s something more, it tells the story without being judgmental, and preachy.

 pictured: strring Jeremy Renner in the HURT LOCKER 2009 film

It doesn’t take sides it just moves thru the lives of these men in as they deal with life and death situations. Filmed in Jordon not far from Iraq The Hurt Locker has a totally realistic feel, and actors that were actual Iraq refugees, makes are you immense yourself without knowing it. The one thing I’d like to comment about is this camera work, it has the modern shaky look when needed ,it  adds to the intensity of the story , not overused and is not used unnecessarily. The Hurt Locker is selling out theaters here in Los Angeles and is the surprise hit of the summer. This is a great film…

 Pictured: starring Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie in the HURT LOCKER 2009 film
movie review THE Hurt locker : U.S. army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal
4 stars for  the HURT LOCKER: 2009 film

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Directed by Kathryn Bigelow
Produced by Tony Mark (executive), Nicolas Chartier, Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Greg Shapiro,Donall McCusker (co-producer)
Written by     Mark Boal
Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, Evangeline Lilly, Ralph Fiennes, David Morse, Guy Pearce, Christian Camargo
Music by     Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders
Cinematography Barry Ackroyd
Editing by     Chris Innis, Bob Murawski
Distributed by Summit Entertainment