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 The haunting in Connecticut :: movie review

 The haunting in Connecticut :: movie review
This Film is based on a true story of a family whose oldest son has cancer in the year 1987 and the only treatment was 8 hours away from their house in Connecticut Hence the name, “The haunting in Connecticut”. They are having money problems, so they decide to move into an old inexpensive building closer to the hospital, that was once a funeral home and begin to believe quickly that it is haunted.  There is a fine line between at the beginning of a film, between character building and a slow moving start. Meaning that at the beginning of a film the writers and directors of a film have to set the stage for the story, and add little hints of the coming drama, while build up the back story about the character to make us CARE about them. This movie had a little bit of a slow start, but as in all good movies it’s worth the wait. Victoria Madsen is really good in this film and she gives a well rounded performance and adds a solid presence of believability to this film. The acting was very well done in general in this movie and that includes the children, which is usually not the case. The use of old still photography as a devise for the plot was not unique , but very well incorporated to full effect. The music for this film is part of the films texture and not just thrown in later to add suspense to a weakly acted scenes, it works and is well written and performed...

The haunting in Connecticut :: movie review


The haunting in Connecticut :: movie review horror and  thriller film


 This is a very scary movie, I really liked it. I’m not the biggest horror movie fan and that’s because most horror film are not really that well done and the music is cheesy “The haunting in Connecticut” was neither of these. The worst part of this film was the advertising that was all over the bus benches here in L.A. which did little if anything to do with makeing me want to see this film, and had really nothing to do in hind sight to the experience I had in the theater.  “Now I know why the rent was so cheap” a line from this film when the husband discovers his wife had moved them into a funeral home and there a basement full of old surgical tools and embalming tables…


The haunting in Connecticut: movie review film

Directed by Peter Cornwell , Produced by Scott Niemeyer, Norm Waitt, Steve Whitney, Paul Brooks, Daniel Farrands, Phyllis Laing, Wendy Rhoads, Andrew Trapani
Written by Adam Simon  and Tim Metcalfe
Starring Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew, Martin Donovan, Sophi Knight, Ty Wood, Erik J. BergJohn Bluethner
D.W. Brown
John B. Lowe Distributed by Lionsgate, Gold Circle Films

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