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Funny people:  movie review
Funny People is a comedy/drama about a stand-up comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler) who is successful yet self-involved and has no real friends. He is diagnosed with a form of leukemia in the beginning of the film and takes to make life changes. He befriends Ira Wright (Seth Rogen)  (real last name Weiner punch line of more than a few jokes in the movie) is an aspiring stand-up comedian who works at a deli to make money while he struggles to make it in stand up comedy. So together they go a series of performances and Ira gets to see George’s world of success and becomes his personal assistant. This is not even close to the movie that I thought it was going to be. It is a very powerful movie with a well written and acted story and meaningful characters. With a sub-plot of Ira’s roommates Leo Koenig (Leo Koenig) an aspiring stand up like Ira yet more successful, and Mark Taylor Jackson (Jason Schwartzman)  the star of a sitcom called “Yo Teach! “ And his attempted romance with his neighbor Daisy Danby (Aubrey Plaza ) an aspiring female comic. The story moves right along and the use of early clips of a young Sandler and the use of the comedy performance is brilliant, yes I used that word and if you do a search of this website it’s not something I say about any of the films I’ve reviewed. I really like this film, I felt for the characters and I was sucked into their world, if that not what a movie is support to do I don’t know what is. Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen  both kind of owe me for their last two films Bedtime Stories and Observe and Report, both were lackluster.
This film makes up for those...
movie review Funny People 2009 comedy about comedians
I really think this is a great film and even if you’re not a big fan of the whole comedy thing will still be entertained. Judd Apatow directed this film and has had a series of hits under his belt, he seem s to get the best out of his actors and enables them with funny dialog and situations that other films these days lack. I laughed out loud a more than a few times during this film and marveled at the writing  in general it , with the underlying plot of the older comedian and his new protégé .
movie review Funny People 2009 comedy
Directed by Judd Apatow
 Produced by Judd Apatow, Clayton Townsend, Barry Mendel, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jack Giarraputo
Written by Judd Apatow Starring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman
 Music by Jason Schwartzman, Michael Andrews
Cinematography Janusz Kamiński
Editing by Craig Alpert, Brent White
Studio Relativity Media, Apatow Productions, Madison 23 Productions
 Distributed by Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures